Leading LiDAR Perception Software Provider VUERON

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Our Mission is
to Make People Safer

We are on a mission to make people safer by providing the best LiDAR solution.

Based on AI algorithms, Vueron has developed high-performance, stable, and practical LiDAR perception software to
identify all objects around the sensor. We believe in making the roads, homes, cities, and countries safer with the
Vueron solution.

We've been
Growing like This

Our Technology is
Making Trust

Artificial Intelligence
We find the path for a safer life with AI. From
detection to tracking and classification, the
AI-based core algorithm of Vueron enables the
3D point cloud to transform accurate and highly
valuable information into useful data for a
comfortable life.
Embedded systems
We understand the limitations on resources
existing in the real world. Our embedded
systems provide the most practical solution for
the given resources, collaborating with partners
that have industry expertise, innovative tools,
and credibility.
We can shape people’s ideas into reality,
adapting to the characteristics of the industry to
achieve the best performance. From robots,
vehicles, and ships to infrastructure and beyond.

We make products
for innovation

View.One / Automotive Solution
View.One is Vueron’s flagship product which can
be deployed on various automotive-qualified
processors. It accurately detects and informs
users of necessary ADAS and autonomous
driving information such as surrounding
vehicles and road information. View.One is the
world’s first solution that was used for
autonomous driving with one LiDAR sensor
assist (no camera, radar, GPS, or HD map).
Using View.One, Vueron successfully earned an
autonomous driving license and tested various
situations on the real roads of Korea.
View.Two / IoT Solution
View.Two helps people live in a safer world
without disrupting privacy, day or night. It can
detect, classify, and track physical security
breaches in any environment.
View.Two, in cooperation with other sensors and
systems, can be applied to traffic management,
energy management, intelligent infrastructure,
and more in a smart city.
View.X / Customized solution
View.X stands for any product a customer wants
to achieve via a Vueron solution. If you have an
idea, share it with us and we can help you make
it a real product.
Examples of View.X adaptations are SDKs in
research and development, unmanned ships,
last-mile delivery robot, unmanned ground
vehicles, and more.

Vueron is Looking
for Talents

Join us.
Making the best technology for a safer world, with Vueron.