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VUERON LiDAR perception software
“ Immediately applicable to ADAS or Autonomous driving system ”

  • No Missing Data- Process every point

  • Use Only C Language- Port to embedded system

  • Reliable Object Info- Position, Velocity, Various types

  • Function for ADAS- Lane, Road structure, Target vehicle

  • Low Resource- High performance with Low power

  • Easy for Customization- Provide the most suitable solution

  • No missing data“ We process every point. ”

  • Accurate object info“ We provide reliable object information. ”

  • Useful Functions“ We provide the various information for customers. ”

  • Understand driving situation“ We offer additional object info for driving assistance. ”

VUERON perception software platform

Provide Detection, Classification, Tracking, Prediction
Provide Various Functions for ADAS or Autonomous Driving System

Software SpecificationVUERON

  • Automotive Solution (Total - Velodyne VLP 32)

  • Automotive Solution (Road Information - Velodyne VLP 32)

  • Security Solution (Crosswalk)

  • Security Solution (Exhibition)

VUERON Development Tool kit
SDK SpecificationVUERON

Our Mission
We provide LiDAR perception software, identify all objects around the sensor.
Our Vision
Global number 1 LiDAR perception software company

Core Value

  • High

  • Stability

  • Applicability

Join us

We find the person

Requirement :
- Excellent C programming skills
- (Preferred) Deep-learning/Machine-learning Expert
- (Preferred) Experience at automotive Tier-1, OEM
- (Preferred) Experience on embedded hardware
- (Preferred) B.S. degree in EE, ME, CS, or engineering


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